Who offers the most popular index annuities?


Many times our clients will want to know who is most popular company that offers fixed index annuities. Of course we are glad to share that information. An independent third party report from annuityspecs.com Indexed Sales & Market Report 1st Quarter, 2010 shows that there were 6.8 billion dollars of index annuities purchased in 3 months from January-March of 2010.

Of that, the leading company was Allianz Life of North American. They offer the most often purchased fixed index annuity in the nation. Behind Allianz was AVIVA and American Equity. Almost half, 3.3 billion or 48% of the fixed index annuities sold were purchase from these 3 company’s . Jackson National, ING, Midland National, Lincoln National, Life of the Southwest and Great American all were in the top 10.

Now does that mean that you should only be interested in purchasing an index annuity from one of these top 3 companies? No of course not.

All annuities are not equal and don’t fit every situation. Some of these are very similar and some are very different and offer niche solutions. We know why these companies ranked the way they did. We have the expertise and knowledge to sort through them. We have over 30 different carriers and 300 products to choose from.

There are so many different features and benefits, there is really no way for an individual client to choose the most appropriate annuity for their situation on their own. The interest rates are not always the dominating factor. When we assist our clients with retirement funds protection planning, we have many questions and systematically disqualify products from being used. We engage in a solutions oriented approach to help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions, want to know more about the differences in fixed index annuities and the solutions they provide, feel free to call or email us.

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