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Finding the best investment can be relative and depends on several factors, however there are some investments that are safer than others or the risk is much lower, and can provide the financial objective for most investors.

The term "best investments" can vary from investor to investor and each financial portfolio is unique, essentially based on some key factors that are the culmination of financial history, risk tolerance, investing experience, work history, family history, personal values and economic climate. Regardless, there are some ways to help an investor reduce their choices for investments that are in alignment with their specific needs and financial portfolio.

Finding the best investment depends on several key components: financial ambitions and goals, risk tolerance, asset allocation strategy, time line and values. All of these components can have a significant impact on how to choose an investment that is best for you and your financial goals.

Here at investors like you rate investments to help you make an informed choice. These ratings are very similar to recommendations. Regardless of the experience one has had with an investment, you will have the information that you need.

If you have made an investment whether it was good or bad, your choice or on the advice of your financial advisor, please give us your feedback. This is a way to give back to your fellow investor by providing you with a platform to either air your grievances on an investment or give it your blessings.

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Fixed annuities, also referred to as "fixed income annuities" are designed to provide a secure retirement savings and are best when used as a long...

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The Different Types of Annuities

Annuities have become a very important part of many investors financial portfolio. There are many types...

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This annuity agreement gives a finite pre-determined length of time of the annuitization period, however will continue to pay out even when the...

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This annuity contract agrees that the annuitization period last as long as the annuitant survives and expires at the event of death.

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In the event of the death of the annuitant, this annuity contract agrees to pay the beneficiary equal to the amount of the contributions.

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This agreement offers a death benefit, thus if the annuitant expires the remaining payments of the annuity passes to the beneficiary for as long...

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