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Daniel Barnard & Associates
Daniel Barnard
291 Mclaws Circle, Suite 1
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone Number: (757 221-9661

Business Description

Dan has been in the Financial Services Field since 1988 and is a licensed, Independent Financial Advisor and with an office located in the Busch Corporate Park in Historic Williamsburg, Va. Please be advised that Securities such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, or Variable Annuities are never sold in this office.

Dan conducts popular speaking events in his office and in outside venues all across the Peninsula area of Hampton Roads, VA. These are informational talks designed to inform people how they can protect their hard-earned savings and maintain financial security.

Many people have concerns about their future lifestyle issues with respect to their retirement accounts and the ability of their money to safely “run the clock out.” Other investment concerns are: not having enough money to live during retirement, concern about a market meltdown, not having enough income, reducing Social Security Taxes, Medicare and Medicaid pre-planning to avoid a “spendown” because of Skilled Nursing Care, or simply avoiding Probate.

All consultations are done in Dan’s office. The goal in every case is the total protection and guarantee of the client’s funds; thus providing a platform to make informed decisions, and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle that can add years to one’s life.

Continuous follow up is routinely provided to all our clientele. Please take a few minutes to review the informational resources presented on this site. If Daniel Barnard & Associates can be of service, feel free to call (757) 221-9661 for an appointment or request a schedule of upcoming speaking engagements.

Don’t for get to tune in to Dan’s radio program “Ask the Expert” format which are broadcast every Saturday morning from 9:00 – 9:30. This is an interesting and informative talk which highlights the need for creative ways of conserving assets before, during and even after retirement. Call our office for the call letters of the Radio Station if you’d like to listen on line.

Daniel Barnard & Associates
291 Mclaws Circle, Suite 1
Williamsburg, Virginia, US23185 • 757-221-9661

Recent Blog Posts by Daniel Barnard

Are You Paralyzed About Your Retirement Choices?

Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Seaboard, the national election has come and gone, but your money is still safe and sound. Think of the simplicity the annuity brings to your life. No fees, no loads, no risk. You have a product that will fund Baby Boomer retirement. It isn’t stocks. It isn’t bonds. Nor is it mutual funds. It’s fixed/indexed annuities.

What are the issues confronting the U.S. at this time? The answer is multi-level, but can be summed up as:

1) Collapse of an economy (potential)

2) Inflation

The Chicken, The Egg and Goldilocks

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the” chicken and egg” cycle continue in the national economy. The Federal Reserve pumps more money into the system and buys vast quantities of U.S. bonds and mortgage backed securities. This is one reason the stock market took off as the Fed’s monetary policy pushed buyers into riskier assets like stocks and bonds. So why are you wary of the stock market wave?

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