How do you generate your Leads?

We use a very strict process to generate our Annuity Leads. All prospects are produced through on-line in-bound marketing.  Our sites have top rankings in most annuity related terms in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.  All of our Leads are qualified and matched exclusively to one agent.

What is a Qualified Lead?

Our team of trained Qualifiers calls every single Lead before it is matched.  The Qualifier confirms the information provided and captures additional information by asking a series of questions to probe about the purpose of their request.

A qualified Lead meets these guaranteed criteria:

•    Has expressed interest in learning about or buying an annuity
•    Would like to speak directly with a professional advisor about options
•    Is looking to invest 25K or more
•    Is 85 years old or younger

We undertake significant time and expense to ensure all of the Leads meet the above criteria as outlined in the contract and will not qualify a Lead that has not requested to speak with an advisor directly.

How do I pay for my Leads?

Pay-As-You-Go: With a “Pay-As-You-Go” plan, the credit card you provide on file is charged $300, or the cost of one Lead upon signing up. As each Lead comes into the system, you will be re-billed for the cost of one Lead, up to a predetermined maximum budget per month.   Once the card has been charged up to that amount, no more Leads will be sent to you until the following month.  You will always have a credit of $300 on your account, a credit that will be reimbursed should you cancel the program.  Lead budgets reset on the first of every calendar month.

Pre-Pay: With a "Pre-Pay" plan, you may add unlimited funds on your account before you begin. As you receive Leads, the funds diminish and must be replenished once your balance hits $300. In order to receive more Leads you can add funds at any point, with no particular schedule. The account only receives Leads when there are sufficient funds available, however budgets can be set so only a certain number of Leads are sent through each month. The funds do not expire.  

How will I receive the Lead information?

You will automatically receive an email with all of the Lead information.  This information includes the Lead’s name, phone number, email address, age, investment amount and a brief description of the details captured by the Qualifier during the call.  Our system also has an iPhone app that you can use to access all of the Lead information from your iPhone.