"I started getting leads in Sept of 2010.  The lead flow has been pretty consistent at about 12 to 20 per month.   I have expanded my area into neighboring states and increased it even more.   In the beginning I struggled because I was used to leads from Seminars.  But after some coaching from other AdvisorWorld Agents, I eventually got into the swing of it.  I must say, that AdvisorWorld makes up about 75% of all my business to this day!!  I have personally met the folks there at AdvisorWorld and can say they are truly awesome people!   There are a lot of lead sources out there, but without a doubt these are best!"

- Al Martinez, Colorado

"I have been utilizing AdvisorWorld leads for almost 10 years now.  I have always received a steady supply of quality leads which have allowed me to work away from seminars and be much more efficient with my time and energy, while at the same time increasing my production.  AdvisorWorld leads have and will continue to be a cornerstone to our marketing and business model."

- Anthony Dietrich, Virginia

"If you want to increase your business and bring it to the level and beyond AdvisorWorld leads are the way to achieve this. I have been with AdvisorWorld since 2010. Up until I joined AdvisorWorld I was doing well but couldn't make the jump to the big league. Their leads changed my business.

I have tried all the programs out there and none compare to AdvisorWorld. They are well qualified, my lead flow is substantial and constant. All of the biggest cases I've written have been from AdvisorWorld. If you are serious about being successful you have to invest in yourself and do it on a constant basis and these leads are the way to achieve great success.

What makes this even better are the people who run AdvisorWorld. Sousie, Barb, and Gerald are dependable and excellent to work with. They go out of their way in order to help you be successful.

Don't hesitate, join today"

- Joe Edgeworth, Pennsylvania

"We started using AdvisorWorld about five years ago but limited the number of leads we took from them because of a limited budget. When things changed budget wise in 2014 we asked them to send us whatever they received in our area. That was the best thing that has ever happened to our business! We had relied upon the newspaper before that, and from that we received more leads, but more in this case definitely is not better. The quality of the leads is what matters most, and that is what we get from AdvisorWorld—QUALITY LEADS! The contacts are great even if they don’t purchase because we know they are already interested in what we are calling them about. The size of the purchases has also been much better than from other sources. Also, they have been wonderful to work with. We highly recommend AdvisorWorld if you want to increase your business."

- Todd & Karen Smithson, Utah

"I started using Advisor World about three years ago. Being in the business for over 30 years, I have tried every lead system imaginable. Without a doubt, Advisor World leads are the very best! I have met the staff and they are competent and caring."

- Joe Watters, Pennsylvania