Consumer Confidence is Back. What About the Rest of Us?

In these pandemic-altered times, we can generally break down time into two parts: pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. Pre-pandemic is usually the bar that economic news is...

The Key Social Security Changes You Should Know About in 2021

The only certainties in life are death, taxes… and changes to the Social Security code. What’s changing now? Quite a bit, actually. The full-retirement age...

Jobless Claims are Up Again. Should We Be Worried?

As we come out of the worst labor crisis since the Great Depression, some bumps along the way are to be expected. But the...

It’s Time for a Financial ‘Wake-Up’ Call

Remember all those stories a few years back about how more than half of all Americans couldn't afford to cover and emergency $400 expense?...
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Worried About Inflation? Don’t Be

Not that long ago, inflation was all anyone could talk about. Was it coming? Was it already here? How bad would it be? How...

The Pandemic is Fueling a Growing Wealth Gap

It's the roaring 20s all over again, complete with the income inequality. Economists continue to highlight the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of...

What are the ‘Black Swans’ Telling Us About the State of the Markets?

Here's the fact: the Chicago Board of Options Exchange's SKEW Index, aka the "Black Swan" Index, just hit an all-time high. Some investors are anxious or even...

Report: Relief Bills Provided Americans with Real Relief

It's impossible to look at the current state of the U.S. economy without considering the impact that last year's relief bills had on everyday...

How to Plan for Inflation in Retirement

June just posted the largest increase in the cost of living since 2008, highlighting the spiraling power of inflation to eat away at our...

Inflation Expectations Just Hit an All-Time High. Should We be Worried?

If "pandemic" and "social distancing" were the concepts of 2020, "inflation" is making a strong case to be the theme of 2021. Not only is...

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