Should You Refinance Your Mortgage if You Already Have a Low Rate?

Talk about a real Sophie's choice: Interest rates have been so long for so low now that many homeowners are faced with the decision...

Get Ready for a Debt-Fueled Summer of Spending

We've all seen the predicitons. After being cooped up almost all of last year and most of this one, summer 2021 is going to...

How Exactly Did the Government Get Back the Crypto Ransom in That Pipeline Hack?

If you live anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic, you know all about the recent hack of the Colonial Pipeline. Not so much because you follow...

Coinbase Teams up with a 401K Provider to Bring Cryptocurrencies to Retirement Plans

ForUsAll Inc., a 401(k) provider, announced earlier this month that investors in their retirement plans will soon be able to invest up to 5%...

How to Squeeze Every Penny Out of Your 401(k)

The 401(k) might not be the perfect retirement savings vehicle, but it's about the best thing we have at the moment. Still, how can...

How to Put Your Tax Refund to Work for You

Tax refund day is always a good day, and while going on a shopping spree can be a form of retail therapy, there may...

How Much Millennials are Saving and What it Means for Everyone’s Future

The Millennial generation is broke. They're weighed down by student loan debt, eating too much avocado toast and are delaying everything from buying homes...
Investing inflation

Where to Invest When Inflation is High (and What to Avoid)

Like it or not, the U.S. is likely to see some inflation over the next several years. This is to be expected given the...

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