Don’t Look Now, but Vacation Rental Prices are Surging

Ah, travel. The great payoff after months and months of hard work and saving. Except for last year, when the pandemic kept us all...

Should We Be Worried About Consumer Spending?

The (bad) economic news: Newly released research from Bank of America suggested a major consumer slowdown in August. Not long after, a report from...

Getting Past the ‘Fear Factor’ When Spending Your Savings in Retirement

We’ve all heard the same mantra over the course of our careers. Work hard, save diligently and enjoy a comfortable retirement at the end...

How to Address Inflation Risk in Your Retirement Plan

Hello, inflation: It’s true, sticker shock is happening everywhere. Prices have risen 5% or more compared to the prior year for three consecutive months,...

Is a Discount Worth Letting Your Insurance Company Track You?

Meet “Insurefitness”: When it comes to life insurance, it pays to workout. At least, it does when you purchase through certain brokers. That’s because...

Is Returning to Work in Retirement a Good Idea?

The so-called working retirement is becoming more and more popular.  According to AARP, adults 65 and over are twice as likely to be working today...

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