1.) What types of annuities are available to me?

There are three main types of annuities. They are fixed, indexed or variable annuities. These are usually split into two additional categories of deferred or immediate annuities. Click here for more info on annuity types.

2.) Can I use money in my 401K, 403B, IRA or other similar retirement plan to roll over into an annuity?

Yes. Most retirement plans become fully accessible by age 59.5 although in certain instances this may vary. It is best to talk with an advisor local to you to discuss the specifics of if this is doable in your specific situation.

3.) Is there a generic rate for everybody or are there unique factors in my specific situation which could  influence the rate?

There is a generic base rate; however, annuity rates are dependent on a multitude of factors and that rate could alter dramatically depending on your age, the investment amount, the source of the funds or even the state you live in. This is why it is so important to discuss your specific situation with an AdvisorWorld advisor who can get you personalized rate comparisons with all of the top-rated companies in your state. They also will help guide you through the  potential rewards and pitfalls of certain products. Chat with an AdvisorWorld advisor right now.

4.) What products do AdvisorWorld advisors specialize in?

All AdvisorWorld agents specialize in annuities; however, many of them can help with other retirement investments such as reverse mortgages, life insurance and estate planning.