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Our Premium Lead is our only Lead.

AdvisorWorld is North America's premiere online client referral source. We generate qualified client prospects for top financial advisors; helping agents maximize their online marketing strategies and maximizing their business potential while matching prospects with qualified local agents. The AdvisorWorld qualifying process was developed after almost a decade of conversations with consumers and our agents. All of our client referrals are phone qualified and exclusive to our agents. What does this mean? Each prospect is contacted and screened by a live non-commissioned operator and matched to only one financial advisor in their area. We do not resell client referral information, giving you the ultimate introduction to new referrals, while helping American's find agents close to home without being inundated.

What exactly is the AdvisorWorld lead program?

AdvisorWorld is an online marketing system that refers qualified prospects to independent financial advisors. Consumers all over the country that show interest in annuities, annuity rates and retirement planning find their way to AdvisorWorld and we screen, evaluate and qualify only 20% of all inquiries. At the end of our qualifying call, you have a prospect who is expecting a call from you, an independent advisor, that will discuss annuities and answer any financial questions that they may have. In this business it's not luck, it's leads, good ones.

Is AdvisorWorld right for my practice?

First of all, AdvisorWorld is a marketing system and methodology.  Just as you would use seminars, radio, direct mail and other marketing methods, AdvisorWorld may have a place in your marketing budget.  How do you decide?  We have found that there are three types of advisors that don't traditionally do well on the AdvisorWorld platform. If you come from a different line of insurance, possibly final expense, Medicare supplements, or maybe a strict insurance only background, our leads are probably not the place to learn the pre-retiree, retiree, income planning/annuity business.  We also find that people that only take 4 or 5 leads to "test it out" do poorly as well. Our data since 2007, tells us that our leads have an approximately 15% closing rate.  Out of every ten leads, you will bring on one or two new clients. Incorporating Advisorworld leads into your budget for a minimum of at least 20 leads will give you the numbers and experience necessary to realize a Return on Investment that you're looking for. Finally and interestingly, the last category of advisors that don't do well on our program, are advisors that have someone else pay for their leads entirely. If you know what you're doing in the annuity business, and you receive a minimum of 20 leads but someone else is paying, we've seen a very poor success rate.

How do I start?

Decide on a budget.  How much would you like to spend a month.  Some of our advisors use our lead program as the entirety of their marketing plan and budget, while others use AdvisorWorld as a portion. The second thing you need to evaluate is the geographic area where you would like to receive your leads.  We offer several ways to decide on where you want to target your lead flow.  

Lastly, contact us.  We have a group of people that work with professional advisors all over the country and understand your business.  Together we can evaluate if AdvisorWorld is a good fit for your practice and give you the tools and information you need to decide if our program is a good match for you and your goals. 


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