Galen Weston, Chair

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AdvisorWorld was created the way most successful businesses start as a solution to a problem. Our founder, a financial services agent himself, saw there was a problem, a big problem. As an advisor, he concluded that there had to be a better way. Cold calling was and is inefficient, friends and family are finite, direct mail takes a long time to convert and seminars are expensive and time consuming. The solution was the internet. Generating leads from the internet provided him with leads, more leads than he could run alone. As his methodology and algorithms became better, the idea of providing leads for other advisors in Canada began. Seeing a larger market in the United States led to the roll-out of Since 2007 AdvisorWorld has grown to become a leader in the annuity lead generation market. With hundreds of clients across the country, covering almost every state, we have both the supply and the demand power to generate the best leads in the market. 

Sousie Weston, President


Sousie brings a unique value proposition to having developed a three-pronged area of expertise that incorporates sales, marketing and public relations throughout her career.  Sousie started her career at one of Canada's largest financial institutions in sales and customer relations, acquiring the skills to understand client needs and implement key strategies for meeting business goals while maintaining customer satisfaction.  Her communications skills were honed working for some of Canada's largest marketing & PR firms, servicing clients from small tech start-ups to international pharmaceutical giants, developing key communications strategies to bring new products to market and help clients navigate their way through the ever-changing landscape of business marketing. As the marketing manager for one of Canada's largest privately held home design company's, Sousie developed a passion for marketing innovative products and ground-breaking ideas that were born in a truly entrepreneur environment. She has brought this passion with her to with her vision to create a company that thrives on the success and satisfaction of clients personal success. Sousie is a member of the Women's Executive Network (WXN) and holds a degree in Sociology, and a post graduate degree in Journalism.

Jerald Welch, Vice President of Business Development

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A veteran of the financial services industry, Jerald has cultivated his experience as both an advisor and executive at midsize to large financial marketing organizations.  With AdvisorWorld, Jerald focuses on cultivating relationships with advisors, agencies, and marketing organizations in how to best incorporate leads in to their overall marketing strategies. Jerald, also provides free consultation and evaluation of our agents current practice, geography and business goals as a part of the partnership. 

Barb Dunn, Senior Manager, Sales & Client Services


Barb is a sales and client services expert, with more than two decades of customer support experience. In her time at AdvisorWorld,  Barb has helped grow the company in all aspects, overseeing administration, sales & client services and the call center team. In her current role, Barb continues to work with existing and new clients, training and educating financial advisors of the the real value of building a client portfolio with leads. Barb continues to touch upon all aspects of the business, consulting on marketing and new business initiatives, while ensuring quality and client satisfaction at every turn.