"I used the financial advisor at my brokerage for years but I began to have problems with them, especially as my investment choices became more strategic which didn't always coincide with the commissions and fees my previous firm had become accustomed with. Eventually I became fed up and made the decision to seek out a new advisor who specialized in retirement. After doing quite a bit of research, I found AdvisorWorld. They put me in touch with a local advisor ten miles away from my home who I would've never found otherwise. He made me feel more secure and I have continued my relationship with him for the last five years. He helped me secure an annuity with an A++ company that has become a gift that keeps on giving. I also secured estate planning and upgraded my life insurance. Now I spend my days relaxing on the beach with a newfound peace of mind that my best years are still ahead of me."

- Ryan Walters: Cudjoe Key, Florida

"A good friend of mine recommended me to AdvisorWorld last year and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I had previously purchased an annuity where the so-called advisor literally conned me into getting a product that was totally unsuitable for me and cost me $15,000 in losses in the first four years of the term. AdvisorWorld set me up with an independent fee-based advisor who helped walk me through the easiest way to get out of the horrible annuity I had purchased and set me up with a more suitable annuity which increased my rate of return and even had survivor benefits for my wife as well as long-term health coverage options. After purchasing the annuity, she always called to check in on me and I still to this day meet with her just to have a coffee. I recommended her to my neighbor as well and he loved her as well. I wish I had found AdvisorWorld when I first retired."

- Mark Bogart: San Diego, California

"I stumbled upon AdvisorWorld in the NY Times back in 2010 and they were the only company that ever actually provided me what I wanted - rate comparisons from all of the top-rated companies in my state. Every other advisor I had previously contacted only gave me one or two quotes of products they wanted to sell to get their commission, not because it was really a good product for me. Since AdvisorWorld are all independent advisors who work on a fee-based basis instead of on a commission-based structure, there is no pressure selling. They give you their actual opinion on what the best product was for me -not for them. After buying my initial annuity from them in 2010, I bought another one in 2015. When I bought the second one, they even recommended that I wait six months and it doubled my rate of return. I would recommend these guys to anyone."

 - Janis McNealy: Scottsdale, Arizona